WCU School of Pharmacy Opens Doors To Prospective Students

The West Coast University School of Pharmacy held its second annual open house this January to give prospective students a tour of the campus and hands-on demonstrations of some of the skills they would master as doctors of pharmacy.

“I hope that students can appreciate what we have to offer here at West Coast University, being the only accelerated hybrid program here in this part of the country,” WCU Pharmacy Dean Kurt Wargo said. “It’s a fantastic opportunity for them to see the campus, see what we have to offer, and then decide that this is the school they want to attend.”

After a brief introduction, attendees were broken into groups to tour the campus, including stops to see classrooms, the campus library, the retail pharmacy lab, and the newly opened physician assistant suite, where pharmacy students undergo simulation activities to practice scenarios in a hospital setting. The tour’s highlight was the group’s visit to the compounding lab, where students combined ingredients like bee’s wax, sweet almond oil and lavender extract to produce homemade lip balm.

“Being an accelerated hybrid program, students can graduate in approximately 33 months,” Wargo said.

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