WCU-Ontario Honors 50 BSN Graduates in November Ceremony

West Coast University-Ontario awarded nursing pins to 50 graduates this November.

WCU-Ontario Nursing Dean Diane Morey welcomed the future nurses to the Lewis Family Playhouse in Rancho Cucamonga before Academic Dean Bart Lerner addressed the class of 2017.

California Nursing Student Association member Jenny Asuncion helped lead the cohort in the Nursing Pledge and lamp lighting.

During her address, Asuncion shared a moment that had impacted her greatly. While in her preceptorship, Asuncion told the cohort, she helped revive a patient that had gone into cardiac arrest.

“By my third clinical shift, he was actually one of my patients for the next three nights,” Asuncion said. “That experience taught me that nursing isn’t just about executing the duties or following the doctor’s orders. It’s also about caring for that patient, not only just physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

Jacqueline Flores and Charlene Martinez — who visited Panama earlier this year through the Global Public Health program — were recognized for their participation with the International Education department.

NCLEX Success Manager Brandy Colletti and nursing instructor Leticia Saldana assisted with pin distribution.

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