WCU-Ontario BSN Graduate Prince Ronald Sta Ana Spotlight

After more than a decade of working as a licensed vocational nurse, it only took one second for Prince Ronald “Ronny” Sta Ana to decide to pursue his bachelor’s degree at West Coast University. 

“I’ve been working for the county for about over 10 years now and I just got really comfortable,” Ronny said. “Then, a light went on and I was like, ‘I need to go back to school’ because I know I have a lot to offer.” 

The West Coast University-Ontario LVN-to-BSN program graduate has been working as an LVN for the past 14 years, the last 10 for Los Angeles County in corrections, and feels that experience has prepared him well.  

“I felt like I learned a lot, but I had a good background of what was going on, especially where I work because we deal with a whole different population,” Ronny shared. “We get acute, chronic, the most vulnerable populations, everyone’s sick, everyone has a condition, a lot of psych problems but I feel blessed having that foundation. I’m ready to go.” 

Ronny kept pushing through the program, even with the challenges of his classes going online during the shutdown in 2020. 

“It’s been a little different, especially with my daughter was on Zoom for school too so the WIFI was getting messed up and you get nervous that you’re not going to connect,” Ronny shared. “But just like anything else, we adapted. I think it worked out well, but I wouldn’t want to do it again.” 

Due to his experience and leadership in class, Ronny was elected to serve as class speaker during his pinning ceremony. 

“I worked full-time as an LVN throughout the program. So, anyone can do this, just have the dedication and motivation,” Ronny shared. “It literally just took a light bulb and it’s one of the most amazing experiences that I’ve ever had. I wish I did it sooner.” 

After Ronny passes his NCLEX exam, he’s planning to take a promotion with the county hospital before he pursues his nurse practitioner degree.  

“I see psych NP Prince coming up soon, which I’m looking forward to,” he shared. “I believe that you should never stop learning and I never stop so my kids can see that and see the struggles and hurdles I went through so they know they can do it as well.” 

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