WCU Online Alumni Spotlight: Tanisha White, RN, MSN

As a wife, mother, and full-time nurse, Tanisha White already had a full plate when she enrolled at West Coast University’s online Master of Science in Nursing-Nurse Educator program.

But thanks to time management skills and WCU’s online program, Tanisha said she was able to find the right balance and graduate with her master’s degree.

“I did my research and found that West Coast fits with my life and work schedule,” she said. “They really personalized things for me and offered many things other programs didn’t.”

An ambulatory medicine registered nurse working in Los Angeles County, White first heard about WCU after being referred to the school by a co-worker. Now a proud WCU alumnus and aspiring nurse educator, White said anyone can achieve their goals if they put their mind to it.

“You have to have the passion and compassion to want to help others excel in nursing,” Tanisha said. “You have to stay focused and don’t let anything stop you or any obstacles get in the way.”

Tanisha said she found a passion for teaching during her undergraduate nursing program and knew she wanted to go back to school.

“During my pre-requisites, I assisted my good friend, and she passed the class, which allowed me to see that I have the capability to teach others,” she said.

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