WCU-OC Student Spotlight: Eva Polizzi

Eva Polizzi always knew she wanted to be a nurse, but her career first started in cosmetics. The West Coast University-Orange County BSN student worked as a freelance makeup artist, real estate professional and with makeup product developers and chemists producing makeup for 17 years before she decided to pursue nursing.

“My mother had two kidney transplants so growing up so we were always taking care of her and I was in awe of the nurses taking care of her, but intimidated to pursue a career at a younger age,” Eva shared. “I’m 39 and now want to be the nurse I saw as a little girl.”

While Eva found working with makeup ingredients fascinating, she decided to enroll at West Coast University to get her BSN and is now less than a year away from achieving her dream.

“I get asked all the time why I chose West Coast University and for me, I chose it because it was an accelerated program where I can get in, get the classes I need to get my degree and get into the field,” Eva said.

A self-described adrenaline junkie, Eva said she plans on pursuing a career as a flight nurse or travel nurse, while continuing to discuss her life on her popular Instagram platform @nursetobevita where she shares about her life and experiences.

“My goal on Instagram is to be transparent and vulnerable with everyone because it bonds and connects you and you don’t feel alone,” Eva said. “One of my satisfactions is getting feedback that my followers are going through it too and that me being open and sharing is helping them work through it.”

During the lockdown when classes and class study groups went online, Eva found that working out in her backyard supported her mental health, so she started sharing workout tips with her followers too.

“I bought a jump rope and started jumping,” Eva said. “Instead of seeing it as a workout, I would see it as fun and started searching YouTube for inspiration to get the exercise or dance down.”

Now that things have been opening up in California, Eva is excited about being back on campus.

“I am in such a groove now and loving it,” Eva shared. “I never cared about my age going back to school because I feel like I’m nurturing my classmates and encouraging them to have a positive mind frame.”

Eva’s positivity definitely shines through to her advice for incoming students.

“My advice is to not compare yourself to anyone else. You are who you are and you should have empathy for yourself,” said Eva. “If you’re not crying, you’re not doing it right so put your head down, focus and try to minimize distractions.”

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