WCU-Miami Welcomes Students from Comillas Pontificia University for a Week of International Education

West Coast University-Miami welcomed four international students traveling from Madrid, Spain as part of the Global Public Health Program. The program gives students from both WCU-Miami and Comillas Pontificia University the opportunity to go on a diverse experience dedicated to nursing and healthcare.

Honors students Inés, Sandra, Jesus and Paula were selected to experience nursing culture in Miami. Their week was full of classes, networking, clinical tours and a stop at the simulation center this June.

“In the beginning, we were a little overwhelmed,” Inéz confessed. “Everything was so real and there were so many materials to use and things to think about. The West Coast students were with us to help and we were able to learn a lot from the simulations.”

WCU BSN graduate Carlos Hernandez was chosen to be a mentor for the Comillas students acting as a guide through simulations and lessons in American healthcare. Hernandez is no stranger to international education. He was selected to travel to Belize for a Global Public Health trip last year, an experience that helped him prepare for his job as a mentor.

“It was great to work with them since I’ve had the same experience of being in a new country after I went to Belize,” Hernandez said. “It was a really great opportunity for myself to get an idea of how they work in Spain and try to link their work to the work we do here. They’re great students and we shared very similar experiences about public health. I was glad to be a part of it.”

WCU International Education Director Tina Newton welcomed the Comillas students to WCU and was excited to teach them about nursing and healthcare in the United States.

“We have a group of students who are ready to go out to their own profession in Spain, and this gives them a chance to see how wonderful of a profession they have chosen and all the things they can do with it,” Newton said. “They can see what nursing is like in the United States and take that knowledge and understanding they’ve learned and applied it into their own practice to share with other nurses around the world.”

Inés, Sandra, Jesus and Paula departed for Spain early morning on June 24 with new memories and experiences to share with their fellow classmates at Comillas Pontificia University.

For more information about the Global Public Health program, please visit the WCU International Education website.

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