WCU-Miami Alumni Receives Assistance From Career Services

WCU Miami BSN Alumni Alejandro M.

Once Alejandro M. graduated from the BSN program at West Coast University-Miami and had passed the NCLEX, he said he immediately reached out to Georgeta in Career Services.

“I let her know probably two days after I passed,” Alejandro shared, “and she already had an interview lined up for me.”

Now, Alejandro is beginning his career as a nurse working in the Neuro-ICU unit, a route he said he was inspired to take during his clinical experience.

“Clinicals gave me a hands-on experience, so I was able to see patients, meet doctors and other nurses. It really helped me,” he said. “My last clinical really pointed me toward the direction I wanted to go.”

As he transitions into his new role, Alejandro advised other graduates to “stay calm” during the interview process.

“They know that you’re a little nervous because that’s normal,” he shared. “Just be yourself.”

Alejandro also recommended students take advantage of resources available on campus, like Career Services or Peer Assisted Learning (PALs) tutors.

Another valuable thing, he added, is to find a group of friends at school to share the journey with.

“It’s a game changer the second that you meet your group. It just clicks, and everything from there is up,” he said. “I still talk to more than a handful of class members. We’ve already graduated, and everybody’s still talking. I see me talking to them probably for the rest of my life.”

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