WCU MHA Alumni Ziad George Finds His Calling in Healthcare Research and Development

Ziad George has long had a knack for business. After completing his bachelor’s in business administration at the University of Notre Dame, he founded his own line of skin care products. When asked why skin care, Ziad said, “It was a coincidence. I met a French chemist maybe 15, 20 years ago. He’s a chemist that does formulations for anti-aging products and I liked the way he was doing the formula.”

With his colleague’s formulas and Ziad’s aptitude for business, B.H. Skin Products took off.  However, Ziad always knew skin care wasn’t his passion. “I felt that this must be just a bridge for me to do some work bigger than this.”

Ziad went on to pursue his master’s of health administration through West Coast University’s online program — and it was during this time that a new idea began to form.

“West Coast University helped me to understand my career and how to direct my passion towards what I have a strength in. So basically, it was the link between my passion, the strength of its education, and the market opportunities,” Ziad said. He shared his vision with his professors and the dean of the Master of Health Administration program and got the support he needed to make his idea a reality.

Now, Ziad is the co-founder of a non-profit organization that focuses on medical research and development. Most notably, the company has applied for a patent for a device to help treat blood cancers. Ziad has helped the project go from a simple concept to product development to working with a lab to turn it into reality.

Where do you see your organization growing to next? 

There’s a vision for the company, which is to develop the blood cancer device and then update new versions, and at the same time do a telemedicine or mobile clinic app. Because everything is going to be remote from now onward, I am looking to do more in telemedicine.

I’m going slow in this because at this time I still have so many things on my plate — and the most important thing right now is to finish my doctorate.

You completed your MHA online. Do you have any advice for students beginning or considering an online program? 

The most important thing is preparation. Before going into the homework and assignments, you have to prepare yourself. You have to read the chapters given by instructors on the syllabus, and then you have to do your own research.

Do you think it’s obtainable for people at any point of their lives to go back for a master’s degree? 

Yes. All you need is you need to have the passion. Second, you have to follow up. Always open your laptop, see what you have for your weekly assignments. And then learn — if you like learning, yes, it’s manageable.

The healthcare profession is something that’s about caring for others and helping them to heal and if somebody has the passion, they are going to succeed.

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