WCU-LA BSN Alumni Spotlight: Jason Nitcha, BSN, RN

West Coast University graduate and U.S Air Force officer candidate Jason Nitcha knew he wanted to work with veterans while volunteering at a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital years ago.

“I worked primarily with veterans from the Korean and Vietnam wars, and I discovered I really want to take care of this population,” he said.

Jason was enrolled at West Coast University in 2019 when he was deployed to Iraq, which he said made him more motivated to continue his bachelor of science in nursing program.

“It was tough because I had made good friends and when I came back, they were all graduating,” Jason said. “It just made me more motivated to persevere and get through the program to become an RN.”

Now, Jason is almost a year into his nursing career at a VA hospital in Los Angeles and ready to take off on his next adventure as a commissioned officer stationed in Tacoma, Washington.

“In the military, I learned to persevere and to have passion, integrity and remember why you want to become a nurse,” Jason shard. “It may be tough in the mind, but you can accomplish anything with great heart.”

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