WCU Graduate Spotlight: LeVance Larry

It’s safe to say all West Coast University students have full plates when it comes to their course load. But WCU-Los Angeles BSN graduate LeVance Larry, might lead the pack.

Larry, a licensed vocational nurse, is a published author of two books available in health care organization book shops, the owner of a home health care business and works part-time as an LVN — all while successfully completing his BSN coursework.

“I decided to start a company so I could affect change in the care in home health,” Larry said. “My vision is to empower people to do what they can on their own. And through my business, we’re able to teach people strategies to deliver care on their own.”

Larry is also a proud veteran of the U.S. Air Force, where he served as a medic. It was Larry’s experience and training in the military that encouraged him to give back in a private setting.

“When I was working in the hospital after I got out of the military, two types of nurses stood out to me immediately – military nurses and West Coast University nurses,” he shared. “That made me interested in checking out West Coast to see what they could offer.”

Larry lives in the high desert area of Southern California and was concerned about commuting for school while balancing his other interests.

“What West Coast has is the ability to offer classes every 10 weeks, which alleviates a lot of stress and allows you to focus on your education,” Larry shared. “I live very far away and WCU was able to accommodate that with the time of my class and location of my clinical [rotations].”

It’s Larry’s empathy for each patient that really drives his passion for giving back.

“I believe that you should be fully engaged with your patient and your care. It connects you with the person and what they’re going through. That’s the type of care I believe makes a difference,” he said.

And a difference Larry makes! We wish him every success in the next chapter of his career!

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