WCU’s Family Nurse Practitioner Cohort Gets Hands On

West Coast University’s Family Nurse Practitioner cohort participated in their first on-site intensives at the WCU-Center for Graduate Studies this past weekend. Ten FNP students were able to interact face-to-face with their classmates and faculty, and learned how to take a complete physical exam, dissect case scenarios and write medical notes.

“Students were nervous but excited at the beginning of the day and happy to interact with their classmates and faculty,” FNP program director and assistant professor Dr. Michelle Paysan-Modina said. “The experience reaffirmed their commitment to becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner.”

WCU’s FNP program is three years long, fully online, with the exception of six weekend on-site intensives. Each intensive is unique, a workshop designed to bring students and expert faculty together to engage in-person in demonstrations. Students also practice essentials skills and competencies needed by nurse practitioners, as well as clinical evaluations where students perform demonstration of these skills.

“The intensive sessions are dynamic and rich in content, and our highly skilled and engaging faculty makes these experiences enjoyable as well as educational,” Dr. Paysan-Modina said.

After the intensives, students provided feedback through an anonymous survey and shared some great feedback:

  • “I realized that I needed to practice, practice, practice my physical exam skills.”
  • “I now feel comfortable using all the different assessment tools and equipment.”
  • “I’m glad we had an opportunity for hands-on practice.”

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