WCU Faculty Study for Certified Nursing Educator Exam

Just because you’re a professor, it doesn’t mean you’re done with studying.

This August, nursing faculty from all five West Coast University undergraduate campuses gathered in Orange County to participate in a review course for the prestigious Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) exam. Many academic nursing programs in colleges and university settings have recognized the importance of the certification and encourage all eligible nursing faculty to become certified.

WCU-OC Associate Dean of Nursing Academics Dr. Susan Condie organized the educational event and served as the primary lecturer of the course content.

“Certification in any field is a mark of professionalism. For academic nurse educators, it establishes nursing education as a specialty area of practice and creates a means for faculty to demonstrate their expertise in this role,” Conde said. “It communicates to students, peers, and the academic and health care communities that the highest standards of excellence are being met. By becoming credentialed as a Certified Nurse Educator (CNE), you serve as a leader and a role model.”

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