WCU-Dallas Graduates Share Advice To BSN Students

There’s nothing like getting a little encouragement from somebody who’s been there. That’s why we recently asked bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) graduates at the West Coast University-Dallas commencement if they had any advice for students currently in the program.

Julia Speed, a former Air Force medic who now works in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Parkland Memorial Hospital, encouraged students to keep pursing their goals.

“Never give up and always know that anything that you can dream up is achievable, so don’t ever quit trying to learn,” Speed said.

Fellow BSN graduate Beth Weber enrolled at WCU-Dallas because she said the accelerated BSN program allowed her to get started quickly towards her goal of becoming a nurse after being out of school for 25 years. Weber said she felt “very blessed today” to graduate and wanted everyone to have that feeling.

“It’s just never too late to follow your dreams,” Weber said, “and never too late to start.”

Megan Shorter, who recently began her emergency room residency at Parkland Hospital, advised BSN students to “learn every day” and to not beat themselves up if they don’t know something.

“Ask questions and don’t be scared,” she said.

Graduate Shaniece Brathwaite said she was told by a registered nurse (RN) she shadowed at a hospital that “nursing involves learning something every day” so it was good to embrace that attitude. And Brathwaite agreed completely.

“It’s actually a beautiful thing,” she said. “I always want to learn and that’s what she always told me: In nursing, you’re gonna get exactly that, you’re going to always learn.”

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