WCU Commencement 2020: Meet the Valedictorians

While the valedictorians from West Coast University’s Class of 2020 may come from different programs and backgrounds, they all have one thing in common: their hard work has left them poised for success as they celebrate earning their degree. 

The title of valedictorian is used to designate a graduatwho has achieved the highest academic standing in the program. These outstanding students have prospered through challenging exams and assignments to reach the top of their class.

Congratulations to all our valedictorians! 

Harjot Singh, WCU-Dallas BSN

Sandra Bonabi, WCU-Dallas RN to BSN 

Julie Weiner, WCU-Los Angeles BSN

Lindsay Hunt, WCU-Los Angeles BSN

Daphne Gaston, WCU-Miami BSN

Paul Angelo Rellora, WCU-Ontario BSN

Ashley Guinn, WCU-Orange County BSN

Michelle Dinh, WCU-Orange County BSDH

Geoffre Thoma, WCU-Orange County RN to BSN

Five of our valedictorians were featured speakers during the 2020 Virtual Commencement ceremony, which took place on Sept. 25. Check out some of their most memorable, inspiring quotes:

  • “The growth we had was absolutely beautiful. The room left for growth with new opportunities is almost endless.”  — Harjot Singh, WCU-Dallas BSN valedictorian 
  •  We have pulled all-nighters, doubted ourselves and washed out our tears with coffee to be here. When they called 2020 the year of the nurse, never would we have imagined our public health lesson would come in the form of a pandemic, but we have adjusted, and we are resilient. […] Nurses have been present through every war, pandemic and call-to-action. We were built for this. This moment has only shown our true identities: heroes without capes.”  — Daphne Gaston, WCU-Miami BSN valedictorian 
  • “It wasn’t always easy. I remember plenty of times when I sat with my head in my hands thinking I’d rather be back shivering in a cold, wet foxhole in the Army than sitting on my couch staring at another midnight deadline. And yet, the engagement and satisfaction that came from those long nights, group discussions and breakthroughs was unlike any educational experience I had before.” — Geoffre ThomaWCU-Online RNtoBSN valedictorian 
  • “Nurses are meant to work as a team, a family and a unit. […] It is our responsibility to lift each other up, seek answers and work together for the betterment of society.” — Lindsay Hunt, WCU-Los Angeles BSN valedictorian 
  • “Life has thrown me many challenges since I started my career here at West Coast University. But in those challenges, I have learned who I am  my strength and my determination to succeed.”  Sandra BonabyWCU-Dallas RNtoBSN valedictorian 

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