WCU Alumni Spotlight: Melanie G, BSN ’20

Melanie Gomez was inspired to become a registered nurse when she obtained her first full-time job straight after high school. She had always been around the healthcare field, due to both of her parents being healthcare professionals, but she never realized how strong her passion would become until her new job required her to work closely with nurses in the home health field! That is when she realized that she wanted to be like the professionals she was learning from and admiring so much. So, she went ahead and switched her college major to pursue nursing.

Melanie will soon begin working at Hialeah Hospital in the telemetry unit. Her ultimate goal is to work with the pediatric population in the ICU. She loves children of all ages and was truly inspired by nursing professionals in Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. During her time at WCU, Melanie managed to balance work, school, and volunteering activities, such as Jackson Health System’s Guardian Angels luncheon for two consecutive years, and their Ice Cream We Love celebration as well. She also volunteered at Holtz’s Children’s ED, which sparked her interest in helping children.

Why did you choose WCU and what sets WCU apart from other schools?

I chose WCU because I knew I belonged! It felt right from the moment I first stepped foot in their building. It is such a great school and their nursing program truly prepares you for real-life as a nurse. They equip you with the right tools from the very first day to the last.

Can you describe the Miami campus culture? Who was your favorite professor(s)?

The Miami campus culture is extremely diverse, as Miami already is, and it’s so fun! I enjoyed being able to sit in class with all kinds of people of all ages. My favorite professor has to be Maria Maldonado, hands down.

What was your most memorable experience at WCU and what did you take away from your time at WCU?

My most memorable experience at WCU was the late-night study group sessions in the library. I truly miss them even though I remember just how stressed my friends and I were! My time in WCU showed me that with hard work, anything is possible. I will always take that lesson with me and apply it to every aspect of my life.

How did you manage your time between classes and working?

Managing work and school was a challenge at first but I made the conscious decision to prioritize school regardless. Most of my lunch breaks at work were my “study breaks,” and I studied as much as I could on weeknights and the weekends!

If you could give one word of advice to our WCU students, what would it be?

My advice for WCU students is to remind yourself constantly why you chose nursing in the first place, and you will pass and do as well as you want to do.

How have you utilized your social media platform to share your learning experiences at WCU? 

I’ve definitely taken advantage of my social media platform to share my learning experiences at WCU by sharing pictures.

What does #WCUproud mean to you?

#WCUProud depicts exactly what I feel when I’m reminded of my time at WCU and the experiences that will forever shape me into the nurse I am today.

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