WCU Alumni Spotlight: Marc S., PharmD ’18

WCU Alumni Spotlight: Marc S., PharmD ’18

From School of Pharmacy alumnus to faculty member, Marc S. has helped shape the Doctor of Pharmacy program at WCU’s Center for Graduate Studies.

One of the reasons Marc chose to pursue a career in pharmacy is because he saw it as a potential way to make a difference.

“I was surrounded by loved ones who were on a lot of different medications for different conditions, and I felt that if I were to understand better what their medications were for, why they were taking them, I would be able to help them at least manage their conditions,” Marc explained.

He chose West Coast University because of the one-on-one attention provided.

“One of the highlights that attracted me to West Coast University was the smaller class size,” Marc said of his experience choosing a pharmacy program. “It really gave me the opportunity to make some meaningful professional connections.”

Guiding the Next Generation of Pharmacists

Since graduating and becoming a professor at the WCU School of Pharmacy, Marc has worked hard to prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals for an evolving pharmacy field.

“Traditionally, pharmacists are seen as the medication dispensers… But nowadays pharmacists are recognized as healthcare providers. You’ll see pharmacists in a variety of different healthcare settings.”

Marc S., WCU PharmD Alumnus ’18 and Faculty Member

The pharmacy program aims to help prepare students with the different leadership and collaborative skills they’ll need in today’s healthcare environment.

To learn more about Marc and his experience studying and teaching at WCU, check out his video testimonial.

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