WCU-OC Alumni Spotlight: Josef S.

To continue the legacy of his father, a U.S. Navy veteran, Josef S. enlisted in the Navy in 2011. While deployed he served as a hospital corpsman treating veterans, Navy personnel, and their families – eventually leading him to discover his passion for nursing. 

“I’ve always wanted to help people ever since joining the Navy,” he said. “I implore everyone to just look inward and help other people as much as they can, and with nurses we have answered the calling.”  

To start his nursing journey, Josef enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at West Coast University-Orange County.

Though faced with the challenge of learning in an online setting due to the pandemic, he was able to find support, community, and friendship through his peers.

“Some of the friends that I’ve gained through West Coast University are some of the best friends I have,” he shared. “We gained such a camaraderie almost similar to the military, because this program is something that we’ve gone through.”

For students looking to find similar support, Josef says to “step out of your shell” and join different student organizations like the Student Veteran Organization, where Josef says he found his mentor.  

“He was able to help me figure out class schedules, professors; he got to know me a little bit more in terms of what I might like so he was able to guide me,” Josef said of his mentor. “I was able to gain insight about what the future might look like.”

Now a WCU-OC BSN graduate, Josef has hopes of working in the ICU, emergency room, or operating room. To incoming students beginning their journey in the program, Josef’s advice is to “be confident.”

“Stay diligent as far as nursing school goes and your studies, and just stay positive and find other groups of people that you can kind of rely on.”

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