WCU Alumni Spotlight: Jessie S., PharmD ’18

WCU Alumni Spotlight: Jessie S., PharmD ’18

When asked why she pursued an education in pharmacy, alumna Jessie S. had a very poetic answer: “I wanted to be the link between the pain and the healing.”

Jessie had always known she wanted to go into the medical field in order to help people. Becoming a pharmacist gave her the tools to do that.

She describes her education at WCU’s School of Pharmacy as being very hands-on.

“I especially enjoyed the patient case simulation experiences. It allowed us to have very hands-on, practical experience in real-life clinical settings… Those simulation centers also really gave us a sense of understanding where pharmacists fit in the healthcare field.”

Jessie S., WCU PharmD alumna ‘18

Another aspect that Jessie loved about her WCU education in the PharmD program was the accessibility of the professors. “We had a lot of one-on-one interactions with them. Their office doors were always open,” she said.

 To learn more about Jessie and her experience at WCU, check out her video testimonial.

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