Texas BSN Grad First of Three Siblings to Enroll at WCU

Raheela Aftab may have begun her nursing journey in Pakistan but she has never traveled alone.

Now both her younger siblings are enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at West Coast University-Texas, which Raheela just completed in June 2022. 

After moving to America with her family, Raheela was determined to complete her nursing education and decided to attend West Coast University-Texas. Her younger brother, who had also started nursing school in Pakistan, decided to follow his sister’s decision and complete his degree as well. Soon after that, their younger sister also decided she wanted to become a nurse.

“Giving up was not an option,” Raheela said. “If you give up, you won’t get anything.” 

Having a home full of nursing students allows the siblings to lean on each other for questions, but most of their studying is done individually.

Raheela prefers to study alone in a quiet room. With distractions at home, she said she took full advantage of the study areas available on campus. 

“I love this campus because you can get a study room,” she shared. “I was coming earlier, and I would get my study room… I’m planning to come here to study for my NCLEX.”

Once she completes the exam, Raheela wants to spend time with her newborn baby before beginning her residency in February. 

When asked what tips she had for other nursing students, Raheela recommended to just not quit on yourself.

“Once you give up, that will be the end,” she said. “And if you keep going on, you will achieve whatever you want.” 

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