Organizational Leadership Careers in Healthcare and Business

Woman speaking in business meeting.

Considering an advanced degree in healthcare or business? Becoming a leader in these industries requires discipline and the right education. You’ll add to your undergraduate degree, amp up your resume bona fides, and do a deep dive into how organizations work and function, whether in the public sector, the corporate world, or your own personal entrepreneurial ambitions.

But first it’s important to find the right learning environment. Nowadays it’s possible to earn a master’s degree either in person or online. Do your diligence in researching the right school, make the big decisions about the degree you want to achieve, and consider how you’d like to focus your education even further. Start here with an overview of a few popular graduate degrees:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Businesses of all types and sizes need proficient, passionate administrators to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. As of 2020, 96% or Fortune 100 companies and 77% of startups were seeking MBA graduates for near-term hiring. And because this is such a diverse degree, your options for employment after graduation are extensive and varied. An MBA degree will prepare you with advanced knowledge in all key aspects of established corporate and startup enterprises. You’ll graduate with a solid foundation in the essentials of business leadership and administration:

  • Finance
  • Management
  • Organizational models

Within each of these disciplines you’ll learn the settled knowledge as well as evolving principles and practices in business administration. The right MBA will outfit you with a cutting-edge, forward-thinking education so you’ll be as future-proof as possible when you enter the workforce. Equipped with these skills, you’ll be able to work in technology-driven industries and bring your acumen to businesses looking to modernize.

Earning a master’s in business administration is more accessible than before, with accredited online MBA programs available that offer convenience and flexibility for working professionals. If you’re curious about achieving this advanced degree, consider also how you’d like to focus your education further. Many MBA programs offer tracks with a particular emphasis, such as health administration and leadership, project management, and public health, to name a few.

Master of Health Administration (MHA)

Health administrators are crucial to the planning, organization, and supervision of care. Pursuing a Master of Health Administration degree requires excellence in communication and cooperation, and an affinity for leadership. The right MHA school can help prepare you to administrate in a variety of settings, including:

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Consulting firms
  • The insurance industry
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Colleges and universities
  • Public health agencies

As an MHA student, you’ll learn diverse skills that will help prepare you to enter into–and adapt readily within–a field that continuously evolves with technology, infrastructural demands, and more. Aspiring MHAs can choose a specialty area and focus on a particular branch of health administration, such as organizational leadership, public health, or project management.

Master of Public Health (MPH)

Public health experts and leaders are more essential than ever. Opportunities for employment in public health are growing at a rate more than double the average across industries. Leaders in this field develop, implement, and oversee the methodologies and processes that ensure the best possible communication and care to serve the public.

This means creating the protocols and plans ahead of the next major public health crisis, crafting response readiness for when those needs arise, and maintaining the health of specific populations on an ongoing and evolving basis. As an MPH student, you’ll learn several core disciplines within public health such as:

  • Legal and ethical issues in healthcare management
  • Managerial epidemiology
  • Health research methods
  • Biostatistics
  • Social and behavioral health sciences
  • Development and evaluation of health education programs
  • Environmental and occupational health

These disciplines prepare you for a critical role both for health emergencies and for preserving and enhancing the health of the public generally. With your MPH degree, you’re positioned to make a difference in a field designed to safeguard lives.

Once you’re committed to a course of study and school, get ready for a rewarding path to a new or advanced career, and the respect that a master’s degree in business or healthcare administration commands.

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