Exploring an MBA Degree in Healthcare or Project Management

Female MBA student holding tablet

Earning an MBA will help open the door to a wide range of careers in upper management. MBA students typically choose a sector of focus and enter a particular industry upon graduation. As of 2020, 96% or Fortune 100 companies and 77% of startups were seeking MBA graduates for near-term hiring.

All MBA programs include the foundations of business to build on a bachelor-level degree, often – but not always – a BA or a BS from an undergraduate university or college. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) will offer in-depth training in:

  • Finance
  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Leadership
  • Operations
  • Economics
  • Data analytics
  • Business communication
  • Business ethics
  • Marketing
  • Business strategy

This range of core disciplines will be complemented by coursework in your area of interest, so you’ll not only receive a comprehensive education in business fundamentals and trends, but you’ll also receive focused instruction through a curriculum designed to prepare you for your intended field. Profiled here are a few available online MBA programs with concentrations in project management and healthcare:

The list of available MBA concentrations is long, so consider your preferred focus as you research schools and programs. Most MBAs require a two-year commitment for study, though there are some accelerated programs available for MBA candidates who want to achieve a degree quickly. We’ve outlined three concentrations:

Health Administration and Leadership

This MBA is designed for students eager to lead as upper-level managers and executives who possess both business and healthcare acumen. MBA-Healthcare Administration and Leadership professionals oversee both healthcare delivery to patients and the working environments of providers. They take steps to boost both the health of the business and the health of consumers. Many Master of Business Administration programs are now available as online study with flexible schedules for working professionals. Learn about WCU’s MBA – Health Administration and Leadership track.

Project Management

Project management is a vital organ of any business; without it, a company ceases to function. As a project manager at any level, your job is to marshal an initiative from ideation to deployment, effectively coordinating resources, deadlines, and teams to move a business undertaking forward. MBAs with a concentration in project management are qualified for a range of professional pursuits, including in-house management, portfolio management, and consulting. Earning an MBA with a project management focus prepares you for the demands of this leadership role. And this advanced degree is a path to the highest tiers of management, including C-suite positions. Learn about WCU’s MBA – Project Management track.

Public Health

This degree is designed for students who want to work at a high level supporting the business side of public health. You receive all the training included in a Master of Business Administration with a concentration on the public health sector, its principles, and its policies. MBA-Public Health graduates are employed in a variety of leadership roles, from within hospitals to nonprofits to government. Pursuing an MBA in public health can prepare you to work in roles such as healthcare consulting, jobs for large healthcare-focused corporations like pharmaceutical companies, jobs for hospital systems, and more. In a public health MBA program, you’ll study topics such as healthcare marketing and finance, technology, and additional healthcare-focused curricula to complement your MBA foundation. Learn about WCU’s MBA – Public Health track.

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