Master Fundamental Nursing Skills with WCU’s Quick Video Reviews

From blood transfusions to nasogastric tube placement, it’s never a bad time to review proper procedures for fundamental nursing tasks. As a nurse, these skills are part of your daily routine – and performing them well is essential for providing satisfactory care for your patients.

West Coast University’s Nursing Skills Lab provides short videos on YouTube to help nursing students review their knowledge and watch the procedures. They are a great way to test your understanding before a class or examination. The videos will walk you through WCU’s validation guides and will reflect current evidenced best practices.

The Nursing Skills lab can help you review any of the following topics:

You can get more study help from WCU on YouTube with the Anatomage Mini-Lecture Series, which lets you review your knowledge of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, and the Studio-in-a-Box Series, which covers a variety of common topics for university students.

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