Future Faces of Health Care: Stephanie Bitton

West Coast University nursing student Stephanie Bitton has been interested in healthcare since she was a young girl. When she was deciding what field to enter after high school, nursing was a natural choice.

“I realize that my fascination for the human body and biology coupled with my compassion for other people made nursing almost, you know, something that was a true calling as opposed to just a career that I wanted to pursue” Stephanie said during her interview.

Stephanie says that she was inspired by “the absolutely unique and empowering mission statement” and that it was a major factor when she chose to attend WCU. “This mission statement outlined the nursing experience that I wanted to be part of, it also showed me that this is a learning environment that I can really see myself excelling and striving in” she continued.

Stephanie is looking forward to starting her clinicals and eventually wants to enter the field of labor and delivery. Watch Stephanie Bitton’s full interview in the video above.

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