From the Heart: A Cardiac Nurse’s Inspiring Tales and DAISY Award Reflections

From the Heart: A Cardiac Nurse's Inspiring Tales and DAISY Award Reflections

Iris M’s journey into nursing was influenced by her father, who was a paramedic. It began with a childhood gift he gave her: a child-friendly medical kit filled with supplies. This sparked a fascination with healthcare that set the stage for Iris’s future in nursing.

After earning her BSN at West Coast University-Miami in 2020, Iris obtained a job as a registered cardiac nurse during the peak of the pandemic.

The hands-on training Iris received at WCU not only equipped her with the necessary skills but also instilled a confidence that was evident to her colleagues from the start of her nursing career.

“Not only did I feel super prepared but when I started working as a nurse, I had senior nurses on my unit tell me, ‘Wow you know your stuff. You knew your meds. You know this and that,’” Iris said. “Even skills-wise I was ready to do anything on the unit. That reflected West Coast University.”

Iris found her calling in aiding others, forming a strong bond with a terminally ill cancer patient. When the patient’s son decided to marry, the patient asked the hospital administration if they could hold an intimate wedding ceremony there and specifically requested Iris be present.

“I usually have four patients, but that day I was dedicated to her,” Iris said. “All day I helped her get ready [with a wig and makeup] and made sure she was good with her meds and oxygen. The wedding was so beautiful, and she was really happy.”

Iris’s commitment to excellence and compassionate care did not go unnoticed. She was honored as the first nurse at her hospital to receive the prestigious DAISY Award, recognizing her exceptional care and kindness towards patients.

Recently graduating from the MSN program at WCU in 2023, Iris is now preparing for her board exams, feeling confident and well-prepared thanks to her experiences at WCU.

For Iris, West Coast University isn’t just a school—it’s a place that helped shape her into the nurse she is today. She remains involved with the university, participating in WCU’s Network with Nurses program to mentor current BSN students and share her experiences.

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