Empowering Dreams: WCU gifts backpacks for children of Chapman Partnership, Overtown Youth Center

In the spirit of compassion this February, West Coast University extended a caring hand to our community in Miami, FL. WCU donated over 1,000 backpacks to Chapman Partnership, spreading joy to kids from Chapman and the Overtown Youth Center.

“At Chapman Partnership, we believe in the transformative power of collaboration and community support. West Coast University’s dedication to making a positive impact resonated through the generosity of backpacks and the warmth of shared meals. This collaboration goes beyond charity; it’s a testament to the strength we gain when organizations come together to uplift and empower our community. We are grateful for the support from West Coast University, as it not only provides practical essentials but also spreads a message of care and solidarity that truly makes a difference in the lives we serve.” – Christine Hernandez, Director of Philanthropy at Chapman Partnership.

Following the distribution and testing out new goodies, our team continued to make a difference by serving dinner to the members of Chapman Partnership.

“Participating in this initiative to give back to the community was truly a humbling experience. Handing out backpacks filled with essentials and serving dinner at Chapman Partnership allowed me to witness the impact of compassion firsthand. Each smile and every moment shared emphasized the power of connection and the positive change we can create together.” -Sharon B Richardson, Campus Executive Director at West Coast University.

About Chapman Partnership

Chapman Partnership manages two Homeless Assistance Centers located in Miami and Homestead. Their residents work together with case managers to create a comprehensive personalized plan, guiding them throughout their journey with Chapman. With fully equipped medical and dental clinics, family dorms, cafeterias, classrooms, Wi-Fi, day-care, basketball courts, and even a dog kennel – they help provide all the resources needed for motivated residents to become self-sufficient. For more information, visit https://chapmanpartnership.org/

About Overtown Youth Center

Overtown Youth Center Miami is a community development organization that provides a set of comprehensive programs and services for youth, adults and families in the community. As a year-round servicing agency, OYC Miami positively elevates people through educational, health and wellness, social, financial and career programs. Through a broad range of services, OYC Miami fosters hope, promotes lifelong learning and offers guidance and development, all while strengthening the entire community. Aiming to promote success across future generations, OYC Miami provides programs that positively impact the trajectory of the community. OYC Miami maintains its commitment to strengthening communities by serving as a bridge; and bringing together the elements and resources people need to thrive. Through our innovative educational and 365-degree servicing approach, OYC Miami offers tools that give persons the chance to flourish in life. For more information, visit https://overtownyouth.org/

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