Embracing Change: MSLP Student Thrives in Role of Learner

Motivated by a desire for change but also having a profession that integrated her background as a teacher, Julie C. began her journey into the online Master of Speech-Language Pathology program at West Coast University. 

Julie first discovered speech-language pathology through her sister, whose son worked with a speech-language pathologist at school. Intrigued by the field’s combination of science and education, Julie explored further and found SLP to be a perfect fit with her extensive knowledge of biological health sciences and chemistry after a decade of teaching physics, chemistry, and middle school STEM classes. 

“This profession allows me to apply all of my skills in a new way,” she said. “It’s a great change of pace, especially for someone in their middle age seeking something different.” 

Julie said she was drawn to WCU because of its innovative and fresh approach to the MSLP program. Being a new program, WCU provided Julie with the opportunity to grow alongside the program and contribute to its evolving success. 

“I thought, ‘They’re new at this, I’m new at this, I’m going to give it a chance,’” she said.  

Embracing the transition from teacher to student, Julie found her stride within a few months despite initial challenges, including self-doubt. Thanks to the support received from her instructors, she began gaining confidence and deepening her passion for the field. 

“The instructors put in effort to get to know you and your learning style,” Julie said. “They find a way within the group to tailor to the individual.” 

Julie envisions using her newly gained SLP skills to address the unique challenges faced by rural schools and bring attention to the educational needs of smaller populations.  

“I’ve enjoyed the SLP profession more with every month that goes by,” Julie said. “As I gain skills, I also gain confidence, and I hope to use it in a meaningful way.” 

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