David Pyle Honored with ‘Friend of Nursing’ Award from Association of California Nurse Leaders

Every year at its annual luncheon, the Association of California Nurse Leaders (ACNL) present special awards where members nominate and a committee selects recipients. At this year’s event, the ACNL honored David Pyle, Executive Chairman of the Board of West Coast University, with a Friend of Nursing award, which is “awarded to an individual or organization demonstrating significant contributions and support for the nursing profession.”

Mr. Pyle was nominated by WCU Dean of Nursing, Dr. Robyn Nelson, who is a longtime ACNL member. In her nomination she wrote “For more than three decades, David Pyle has been a leader and innovator in the private education community. As passionate about the community as he is about education, David is a renowned philanthropist who is especially supportive of health care and education programs that aid underserved and at-risk children and families. He seeks to inspire and strengthen the organizations he supports and the individuals they serve. Drawing on his personal commitment to education and health care, David targets his giving to programs that increase access to quality health care and create educational opportunities for the underserved.”

The luncheon was held in Monterey, CA during the ACNL annual conference. Mr. Pyle dedicated the award to students and faculty, saying “I want to thank ACNL for this recognition. It is truly an honor to be here today. Empowering our nursing students to become leaders is the foundation of what we do at West Coast University, American Career College and Contemporary Forums. Our goal is not simply to train students with technical skills – it is also to teach compassion and a sense of community, which I believe are fundamental to the field of nursing. In addition to the philanthropic efforts I have undertaken as leader, our faculty and students conduct thousands and thousands of volunteer hours every year at events that focus on building healthy communities. I’d like to dedicate this Friend of Nursing Award to all of them.”

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