Business Administration Degree at WCU

With all the options for business administration programs, you may be wondering what makes business degree at WCU different. Simply put, we provide an academically rigorous, industry-relevant, supportive environment for you to achieve your degree goals. Here are some of the ways we accomplish this.


Both our online BSBA and MBA programs provide a comprehensive business education. The BSBA provides foundational business knowledge relevant to a wide range of careers in business management and administration. Each course is focused on important aspects of business including finance, accounting, marketing, management, strategy, communication, and much more. The MBA also supports a range of careers but aims to prepare students to serve as leaders in their chosen field.

Throughout your business degree program, you will engage in meaningful discussions and produce deliverables that mirror real-world situations. Learn to research topics, analyze problems in business settings, and write professionally while adhering to academic standards for bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Industry Focus

Business is ever-changing and evolving. So are our business programs at WCU. We intentionally research industry-relevant skills across multiple sources and build opportunities for you to develop in these areas.

Below are some of the skills recently presented by the following sources: LinkedIn Learning Workplace Report, HR Forecast, Burning Glass, and McKinsey. As a student in our business administration programs, you have opportunities to build and enhance these skills during your time at WCU.

Industry experience matters. WCU’s business faculty are industry practitioners in the fields they teach. This is reflected in course discussions and the feedback you receive. We also recognize that your industry experience matters, too. If you have industry experience aligned with one of our courses, we will work with you to offer credit for your experience through a portfolio evaluation process.

Supportive Environment

As a student, we meet you where you are. You have multiple ways to interact with our faculty and staff outside your online course whether by phone, text, or email. Our faculty will support you with one-on-one connections, engaging conversations, and feedback aimed at increasing your business knowledge.

Come experience business programs at WCU. We are welcoming and supportive, industry-focused, and academically rigorous.

WCU Distance education programs are delivered out of the California and Texas campuses and may not be available to residents in all states.

WCU provides career guidance and assistance but cannot guarantee employment. The views and opinions expressed are those of the individuals and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs or position of the school or of any instructor or student.