Alumna Finds Purpose in Caring for Nursing Staff

Maudy B.

After graduating with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from West Coast University in 2023, Maudy B. used her education to advocate for other nurses in an administrative role. But before she found her purpose empowering fellow nursing professionals, she was drawn to her healthcare career because of her daughter.

As the mother of a child with a disability, Maudy was painfully familiar with the kind of dedication and attention to detail needed in a medical team. On several occasions, she found care to be lacking. Medicine was prescribed without checking for interactions with previous prescriptions. Her daughter was once provided a 1 mg dose instead of the appropriate 0.01 mg. And witnessing these errors motivated Maudy to pursue a career that allowed her to make a change in the healthcare field.

“I had to advocate better for my child,” Maudy said. “I needed a better understanding of the medical field so she doesn’t fall through the cracks due to medication errors.”

As a single working parent, Maudy had needed flexibility in her nursing education. At the time, she didn’t find a BSN program that allowed her to take classes in the evenings, so she decided her first step was to become a licensed vocational nurse (LVN).

“I worked as an LVN at Children’s Hospital,” she said. “I loved the nurses there and their passion for kids.”

Maudy began pursuing her BSN at WCU-Texas when the Evening and Weekend option was launched. The experience was rigorous, but Maudy was up for the challenge. She enjoyed working with her clinical instructor, who encouraged students to trust themselves and think outside the box.

“She honed in on our strengths,” Maudy said. “Not everyone has the same learning style, and she adapted her teaching style to meet everyone’s needs.”

She earned her BSN degree in 2023. She is now using her bedside experience to be an advocate for nurses everywhere.

“I want to make sure that the nurses are being taken care of,” Maudy said. “I provide education to my nurses and keep our policies in place, which keep our patients safe as well. I am still providing that quality care but in a different role.”

Now, Maudy works in administration, advocating for her nurses who are making a difference in their patients’ lives. One way Maudy has impacted her staff is by adding a Zen room to each floor. The rooms feature comfortable couches, refreshments, and dimmed lights to help nurses de-stress and help with their mental health.

“I like doing what I do here. Of course graduating from WCU it’s all about nursing but there’s more to that,” she said. “Who takes care of the nurses?”

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