5 Quick Tips to Help Your Kids Prepare for Online Classes

This year, back-to-school season looks a little different. Instead of picking out brand new backpacks, we’re investing in more Internet bandwidth.

Online school is a first for most of us, but there are some steps you can take to prepare and give your kids an advantage. If you’re wondering how to get ready, start with these five simple tips to turn your house into the best classroom it can be.

1. Give Them a Distraction-Free Study Space

It’s hard to study in the living room when games and toys are in plain sight. Instead of setting up their computers on the first available surface, consider creating a study corner or study room where kids can focus on their classes with minimal distractions. Another way to reduce distractions is to keep the study space free of clutter and stocked with all their needed school supplies.

2. Make Ergonomic Adjustments

Ergonomic furniture can help kids keep a healthier posture while studying. For growing children, adjustable furniture might be worth the investment. However, you don’t have to buy a whole new desk and chair set in order to create a healthier setup. A rolled-up towel placed behind their lower back can help provide lumbar support. A stepping stool gives them something to place their feet on if they can’t reach the floor.

3. Create a Schedule for Them

When home turns into a classroom, it can be easy to have school time and free time blend together. You can help your kids focus by creating a schedule. Let them know what time they need to be in class, what hours are designated for studying, and when they are allowed to go play instead.

Depending on your kids’ needs, a schedule can also help them keep a healthy sleep schedule. Ensuring they get enough sleep can help them perform better during school hours.

4. Help Them Burn Off Energy

Kids are meant to play and be active. You can help them concentrate better by building active breaks into their schedules. For example, is there a recess time when they are allowed to go outside? Could you walk or bike around the block during study breaks?

5. Make Time for Virtual Playdates

School is about more than just sitting in a classroom – it’s also an important time when kids get to play and bond with others not in their immediate family. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of socializing opportunities during online school. Try setting up video chats with close school friends after class or on the weekends.

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