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Benjamin Tran, MNSc, MBSc

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David Jahani, MSBS

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Evan Pepper, MSMB, PhD

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Valencia Williams, PhD

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Vyacheslav Palchevskiy , PhD

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Aubree Chismark, MSDH, RDH

Chismark, A., Asher, G., Stein, M., Tavoc, T., & Curran, A. (2011). Use of complementary and alternative medicine for work-related pain correlates with career satisfaction among dental hygienists. Journal of Dental Hygiene, 85(4), 273-84.

Marlene Lugg, DrPH

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Kyle Sousa, PhD

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Reza Taheri, PharmD, MBA

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Ann Newstead, PT, PhD, GCS, NCS, CEEAA

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Daniel Cipriani, PhD, PT

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Joshua Dusick, MD

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