West Coast University’s 2015 Fourth Quarter NCLEX Results are Reason to Celebrate

WCU-Ontario's Bart Lerner Picked for 'Price is Right'

WCU Global Public Health Cohort Visits Belize


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WCU-Miami Honors Local Nurses With DAISY Awards 

Westchester General Hospital kicked off the new year with a new way to recognize their outstanding nurses. In partnership with West Coast University, the hospital launched the well-known Daisy Award in appreciation of the hospital’s dedicated...


WCU-Ontario's Dean Lerner Picked for 'Price is Right'

"Bart Lerner, come on down!" And with those words, West Coast University-Ontario Academic Dean Bart Lerner became the next contestant on "The Price is Right." "I’ve watched the show forever but I’ve never been on one, never done...


West Coast University’s 2015 Fourth Quarter NCLEX Results are Reason to Celebrate

West Coast University just received the official NCLEX results from the Board of Registered Nurses (BRN) for 2015's fourth quarter, and the results are outstanding. Collectively, the campuses reached an 88.6 percent pass rate, more than...


WCU Global Public Health Cohort in Belize Provides Boost to Community HIV-Testing on World AIDS Day

Sometimes studying public health means handling private information. This December while in Belize, West Coast University Global Public Health nursing students took part at a health fair on World AIDS Day. WCU students conducted blood...


WCU Faculty Take Latest Training Right Into Classroom

Nurse educators are challenged daily by the complex issues surrounding healthcare training. Luckily, they get some help sometimes. Thanks to the 2016 Contemporary Forums/Elsevier Faculty Development Conference in Las Vegas, West Coast University...


WCU Continues to Honor Astronaut Alumni, 30 Years After Shuttle Disaster

The Greg Jarvis Simulation Scholarship was created in memory of Greg Jarvis, a U.S. astronaut who earned a master’s degree from West Coast University.  Mr. Jarvis was one of seven crew members aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger when...


WCU Faculty Spotlight: Stephanie Ayers

When disasters occur in the Southwest United States, Stephanie Ayers and one of her service dogs are often among the first responders.“We have to be invited as part of the FEMA protocols," Ayers said. "We’ve served at the West, Texas fertilizer...


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