WCU Ontario Gets the Scoop on Career Services

'Green' WCU MSOT Cohort Has 100% Graduation Rate

WCU-Miami Professor Attends CDC Workshop


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'Green' WCU MSOT Cohort Has 100% Graduation Rate

West Coast University's master of science in occupational therapy program is on a roll. Like the previous two graduating classes, the July cohort achieved 100 percent graduation rate. "As the students of the third cohort, the 'Green' Class,...


WCU Ontario BSN Students Get the Scoop on What Career Services Can Offer at Ice Cream Social

More than 150 students got a heaping helping of career tips with all the toppings at a recent ice cream social hosted by West Coast University-Ontario’s Career Services. “It was an amazing way for Career Services to interact with students...


WCU-Miami's Barbara Garcia Helping Spread Love of Public Health at CDC Science Ambassador Workshop

In most cases, going “viral” is a good thing. Just don’t tell that to an epidemiologist. At the Center for Disease Control’s Science Ambassador Workshop, West Coast University-Miami assistant professor Barbara Garcia recently...


WCU-Ontario Holds 'Stress Release Day' After Midterms

More than 200 West Coast University-Ontario students stopped by the lobby on Stress Release Day to refuel and reset after midterms this July. WCU-Ontario Student Services Director Jonathan Langley and his staff provided healthy snacks, including...


'Ryan's Case for Smiles' Had WCU-Ontario In Stitches

An extended hospital stay can be a terrifying and traumatic experience for a child and their family. That’s why volunteers at West Coast University-Ontario recently teamed up with Ryan’s Case for Smiles to sew more than 100 whimsical pillowcases...


WCU Graduate Spotlight: Kendra Softly

Some people might think being in the U.S. Army was the toughest thing Kendra Softly has done in her life. Hardly. “My first degree and being in the Army was nowhere as intense as the degree that I earned here at West Coast University,"...


WCU-Miami Joins Global Public Health For Panama 2016

For the first time ever, West Coast University students from the Miami campus traveled with the Global Health Program for a two-week visit to the hospitals and clinics of Panama. The 14 students and four professional nurses visited several sites in Panama...


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