David Pyle - Executive Chairman of the Board

Welcome and thank you for your interest in West Coast University.

Whether you are just beginning your healthcare education or continuing on a path to an advanced degree, West Coast University has a place for you.

At WCU, everything we do links back to our No. 1 priority: our students. This includes our accredited programs and curricula, our dedicated faculty, our technologically advanced classrooms and laboratories, and our student support services. I have made it my priority to establish a strong educational foundation and comprehensive student support network at WCU for one reason: student success. Your success!

A university education opens many doors to those who seek greater knowledge and skills, but it requires a commitment. I firmly believe that West Coast University students are committed to the hard work required to graduate and excel as healthcare professionals. As Executive Chairman, it is my commitment to continue building on our strengths: accredited programs, modern facilities, qualified faculty, hands-on experience and always keeping our student-centric focus.

West Coast University strives to give you the most direct path possible for taking your career to the next level. Look around. I'm proud of what we've built, and am happy you're here to research what we do. You'll see that we're ahead of the curve in many ways.

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Best regards,
David Pyle
Executive Chairman of the Board, West Coast University