I was financially unable to remain at another university after my freshman year of college and had to transfer my credits to a community college to continue my education. Unfortunately, the university was a quarter-system school unlike the vast majority of colleges/universities, which are semester-system schools. This meant that most of my college credits would not transfer because they were quarter units and are not equivalent to semester units. I had to start college all over. Start from scratch. I was devastated.

  So, I started over. I pushed myself to “catch up” to where I had been. I enrolled in several community colleges across the inland empire to be able to earn the required prerequisites for nursing school. I worked hard and never looked back. At any given time, I was enrolled in classes at four colleges simultaneously to earn back my units as quickly as possible. Then WCU found me.

  A post card in the mail was the start of a brand new adventure. I completed three terms of general education courses at WCU before being launched into the world of nursing head on in November of 2015. I continued to push myself to learn, grow, and develop into the best nurse I could.

  While at WCU, I had the honor of holding the position of Vice-President of the CNSA chapter for my campus. I encouraged fellow nursing students to be involved in activities outside of the required responsibilities of the program. I became a member of multiple professional organizations geared towards those nurses who strived to continue to grow. I had the honor of representing my campus in Spain during the Global Public Health program in 2017 and representing my campus during two campus tours with Assemblymembers and Senators. It has been an honor. 

  At WCU, you get the opportunity to test yourself in many different areas of nursing. Specialties and medical-surgical. You get to experience different areas of nursing to allow you the opportunity of discovering what you are most interested in. WCU also allows you the opportunity to learn and grow in the Simulation Center. 

  I dreaded going to the Simulation Center. My heart would race and my palms would sweat. After finishing the Sim Days for Intro to Med-Surg, I decided that I had to face my fear of the Sim Center head on. I signed up for every Open Sim day there was that I was free. Most weeks during the program, I was in the Sim Center 2-3 times. I wanted to learn, I wanted to grow, and mostly I wanted to become confident in my nursing skills. I asked the Simulation instructors to throw any situation, any patient scenario they could think of at me. I knew my hard work had paid off the moment during my preceptorship when I was the one that stood between my patient living and dying. I had made the right decision, I trusted my assessment, I saved a life.

  Nursing School is tough. You need to surround yourself with those who are positive influences academically, mentally. Nursing School is an adventure worth travelling. Remember that Hard Work Pays Off. You got this.