In 2009, my grandmother got diagnosed with bladder cancer, she underwent surgery at St. Bernardine Medical Center in San Bernardino, CA. Her surgery came with some complications and she was transferred to the ICU, at the time, I never thought of something like nursing, I just didn't think I could ever do it.

During my grandmother's stay in the ICU, I started to notice how great the nurses and doctors were to her and my family. Unfortunately, my grandmother passed away in the ICU, after experiencing how the nurses cared for her and how we felt cared for when she passed. I knew my calling was to be a nurse.

 I began my journey at West Coast University, Ontario. As I got closer to my advanced medical surgical term, I knew my ICU rotation was nearing. I was lucky enough to have my clinical in the very same ICU that took care of my grandmother. I did well and shortly after graduation, was offered a job in the ICU at St. Bernardine Medical Center. I couldn't believe I was going to be a nurse in the very same place my passion first began.

I started working there and grew with the help of some great nurses. While working in the ICU I developed an interest in wound care and I began to pursue my WOCN. I transferred into the PACU where I advanced fast and became a charge nurse while trying working on my WOCN.

One day, my husband and I took a big chance and decided to try something different. I accepted a job in Texas. We left all we knew behind and I was set to work in the PACU at Baylor Scott and White Memorial Hospital in Temple, Texas. We made the big move and as I started working, I again quickly moved up into a charge nurse role. Despite how well I did in the PACU, I still wanted to complete my WOCN that I hadn't been able to finish through the transition of moving.

One day a position opened up for a Wound and Ostomy Nurse, I applied and was offered a job on the wound team. I'm now happily completing my WOCN and working a job I've been wanting ever since I became interested in wound care.

I never thought after starting at WCU that my education, my experiences, and my path in nursing would set into motion for me to make such huge leaps of faith, move 1,400 miles away and work in my dream job at a level I trauma center.

I know going to WCU was the right choice; I love what I do and where it's brought me.