Gina (Ginny)

Gina (Ginny)

From the first contact I had with West Coast University, I was hooked!  I was anxious and excited and more than a little panicky at the thought of going back to school to obtain a graduate degree - but no one shook their head, no one said you're too late, no one said you don't have enough money, and no one said you can't do this!

What they did say - starting with that very first phone call - was:  Yes, you can do this!  Yes, you are right on time! Yes, we'll help you find the money!  And yes, again and again and again:  You CAN do this!

I am studying for my Master's in Health Administration.  I've already applied so much of what I have learned to my current work - and I find myself looking at opportunities virtually every day to expand my knowledge and experience.  I have worked in senior housing for what is now the majority of my adult life.  This industry is at a huge growth point and I believe that I now am prepared to grow with it!

My experience with the WCU staff and faculty has been truly a positive one!  I'm not just a name on a computer screen, I'm a student whose opinions and ideas are valued and encouraged! 

I say this to anyone considering furthering their education online:  the WCU Experience fantastic!  Don't hesitate!  You owe it to yourself!