I began my time at West Coast University in August 2014. I started nursing core at the OC campus in January 2015.

I decided to become a nurse because I have always felt a huge responsibility to help others, and that called me to the profession. I wanted to make an impact on the world and help those who are most vulnerable. 

Shortly after beginning my first term of nursing core, Fundamentals in Nursing, I found out I was pregnant. As a 22 year old, I was terrified. However, I pushed myself to stay enrolled and hoped everything would work out! 

I wobbled pregnant through all of my clinical rotations (Med Surg I, Mental Health, and Med Surg II). Physically, clinical was extremely challenging for me but I kept remembering why I began nursing in the first place, and thought of my unborn son. My passion for helping others drove me to be successful. I never missed a day of clinical or a day of lecture, until week 8 of Med Surg II. I woke up for my clinical week 8 and my water broke. I knew I would not be making it to clinical that day! I was panicked, but I was lucky that I had an exemplary attendance record and I was able to make-up the missed hours at clinical due to giving birth. 

I gave birth to my son & continued to wonder how I was going to pass my finals week 9 and if I would be able to continue the program.  I managed to be successful and passed all of my final examinations for Med Surg II and was able to transition seamlessly into my next term! I did not have to take any time off. Up next was my obstetric rotation/term ironically! 

Somehow, I managed to complete the rest of nursing school, with zero absences! I am a single mother and I was extremely doubtful that I would ever be able to complete my nursing program once my son was born. I have an amazing support system at home; I credit my parents for being so nurturing & helpful! 

I graduated from West Coast University in October 2016, and passed my NCLEX in December 2016. I look forward to landing a job hopefully in Obstetrics/Labor & Delivery. My personal journey during nursing school led me to discover my passion for obstetric nursing, and I hope to use my story & passion to help other mothers and babies. 

I completed my nursing program for myself & my son, but mostly I was inspired to finish because I want to help mothers & babies. I had the privilege of re-visiting obstetric nursing during my last term (preceptorship), and I realized that there is nothing else that I would rather do in nursing than take care of moms & babies! I hope that my personal story of being a single mother & overcoming the odds to graduate from a Bachelor's level nursing program will give hope to others and inspire them to never stop pursuing what is important to them.

I grew so much as a person and as a nurse during my time at WCU. I went from beginner nursing student, nervous & unsure, to graduating as a capable student nurse who could take on challenges confidently. 

The best thing to me about WCU is the instructors. I cannot speak highly enough about the faculty members. WCU instructors are the reason that I was successful in nursing school. The instructors truly nurture their students and give us amazing learning opportunities & chances for growth. It is such a privilege to now be a graduate of WCU & a "colleague" of these special instructors as an RN. The faculty is really special; they truly have a passion for nursing and coaching the next generation of nurses!

My best memory of WCU was my pinning ceremony.  I have never felt more proud than I did the night I took my Nightingale Pledge in front of my son, my parents, my peers & the faculty of WCU. 

Thank you for everything WCU! :)