Future Faces of Health Care: Anthony Barber

Posted on 04/21/2014

Anthony Barber might not be your typical nursing student. After finishing his undergraduate degree in management and a successful career managing restaurants, Anthony was inspired by a fundraiser and started getting involved in helping others. This inspiration is what ended up leading Anthony down the path to a career in nursing.

When he started looking at options for his education he found that nursing schools often had long wait lists and that it could take him years to get started on his second degree. However, he said that “I signed up and I just went in at the next term [at West Coast University] so it only took about seven weeks and I was right into school, learning and already seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Anthony is looking forward to finishing nursing school and starting a second career that he is truly excited about. To see the full interview with Anthony Barber, watch the video above.

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