WCU-Miami Dean Starts Nurses Week on 'Inside South Florida'

Posted on 05/15/2017

West Coast University-Miami Nursing Dean Claudette Spalding took to the airwaves in South Florida to promote national Nurses Week.

Spalding joined "Inside South Florida" host Dave Aizer to share with CW South Florida viewers about the nursing profession and some of the opportunities it provides.

"Nursing is the largest group of healthcare workers in the United States," Spalding said. "And according to the Florida Center for Nursing, by the year 2025 there will be a shortage in the state of approximately 20,000 nurses so the need is very great for qualified registered nurses."

The nursing profession has also expanded, Spalding said. Nurses now can choose between being bedside or being a flight nurse; working in an emergency room or helping deliver babies; progressing to nurse practitioner or the chief nursing officer.

Advancing in health care requires experience and additional education, Spalding added, "but as I've always said, your destiny is when preparation and opportunity meet."

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