WCU Programs Participate in Interprofessional Outreach at Garden Grove Housing Complex

Posted on 01/06/2017

More than a dozen West Coast University students and faculty helped host a health fair at a low-income housing complex during November.

WCU students from a variety of programs set up table and chairs for a pharmacy station, a health nutrition station, vital sign station, and an activity station for children with health-related coloring books and activities at the Malabar Apartment in Garden Grove.

"As a university, we're all working together to help serve the community and work in an interprofessional team environment," WCU clinical development director Julie France said. "We've got students from pharmacy, dental hygiene, nursing and doctor of physical therapy programs so we're all here at this Project Access complex teaching this community about health promotion."

WCU clinical relations manager Mary Sanchez said Project Access has more than 70 different kinds of programs across Southern California that WCU students can become involved with during their public health rotation.

"Our students are learning that public health isn't just visiting schools or going on home visits, it's about serving the community," Sanchez said. "This is public health. This is the reality of touching people, talking to people so it's good to be out there and be talking to them about what's important."

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