Scott Tjaden Named WCU-Dallas Executive Director

Posted on 06/01/2016

West Coast University welcomes Dr. Scott Tjaden as the new executive director for its Dallas campus.

Dr. Tjaden — the “t” is silent — brings more than 30 years of higher education experience to WCU. He will be relocating, along with his wife Janet, from Plymouth, Minn.

Tjaden earned his masters and doctorate in philosophy from Loyola University of Chicago and began his career as a faculty member, first at Loyola and later at Wheaton College. He then migrated into administration, working for EDMC/Argosy affiliates for more than 22 years where he held academic positions ranging from general education coordinator to director of education. Later, Tjaden was promoted to campus president, vice president of operations, regional vice president and group vice president.

Tjaden replaces Dr. Susan Moreland, who stepped into the role of interim executive director in December 2015. WCU Chief Operating Officer Wayne Fletcher thanked Moreland for her dedication and excellence during that time.

“Her leadership and student-centricity are evident in the culture at the Dallas campus,” Fletcher said. “Dr. Moreland will continue to be an integral part of the campus leadership in Dallas as she partners with Dr. Tjaden and the rest of the campus to create the best nursing program in Texas.”

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