Anaheim City Council Recognizes National Nurses Week with Special Proclamation

Posted on 05/15/2014

The Anaheim City Council and Mayor Tom Tait issued a special proclamation on Tuesday night at Anaheim City Hall in honor of the start of National Nurses Week. The Council asked leaders from West Coast University to join the meeting to receive the proclamation because WCU is one of the largest providers of nursing education in the state of California and the city of Anaheim.

The proclamation says “Now be it here proclaimed by the Anaheim City Council that May 6-12, 2014 be designated as National Nurses Week and the Anaheim City Council recognized the importance of nurses as active contributors and innovators in the health care system and their steadfast commitment to providing high-quality healthcare.”

Dr. David House, executive director of WCU-OC was on hand to receive the Proclamation and represent WCU.

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