2017 Alumni Stories

WCU Alumni Spotlight: Jennyfer Oh, DPT

Jennyfer Oh is no stranger to winning awards, but that doesn’t mean she’s still not surprised when she receives one. In December, Oh accepted the first... Read more

WCU-Miami Alumni Have a Ball at October Reunion Soiree

West Coast University-Miami alumni and future alumni had a ball this October to celebrate the Alumni Network's first birthday. The group took over four lanes at... Read more

WCU Alumni ‘Unmask the Night’ at Long Beach Mixer

More than 50 alumni from West Coast University got together in Long Beach for a mixer this October. Organized by the WCU Alumni Network, the WCU California Alumni... Read more

WCU Alumni Spotlight: Jonathan Llamas, RN

Jonathan Llamas graduated from West Coast University on the honor roll and as a peer mentor to other students. Presently, he's enrolled in graduate school and working... Read more

WCU Graduate Spotlight: Keith Brar, RN

One of best ways to be a better nurse doesn’t involve skill but does take practice, according to West Coast University graduate Keith Brar. “Listen and... Read more

WCU Alumni Spotlight: Vivian Pham, RN

As a nurse, Vivian Pham knows the difference one person can make in someone's life. And sometimes the person being affected is actually the nurse. "It just takes... Read more

WCU Graduate Spotlight: Yon Erin Choe, RN

Yon Erin Choe loves her job as a school nurse. When one of the 700 elementary school students under her care scrapes a knee, has a tummy ache or a sniffle, Choe... Read more

WCU Graduate Spotlight: Lindsay Daniel, RN

Lindsay Daniel had wanted to be a nurse her whole life but was scared away by the thought of all the "science." She spent her first two years of college studying... Read more

WCU Dallas Alumni Mixer Allows Grads a Chance to Meet

For 24 months, Lindsay Daniel put her nose in her textbooks and did what was needed to fulfill her grandmother's wish for her to become a nurse. Since graduating... Read more

WCU Graduate Spotlight: Adrian Trevino, RDH

Some people have a motto that they live by or share with their children. Adrian Trevino has two. Trevino, a dental hygienist at Western Dental in Riverside, graduated... Read more

WCU Graduate Spotlight: Alicia Banks

Alicia Banks came to West Coast University because of the school's commitment to a student-centric focus. Now she's is part of that commitment. A graduate from WCU-Orange... Read more

WCU Graduate Spotlight: Rachel Zikoski

After graduating from art school, the idea of being an artist really appealed to Rachel Zikoski. She just wasn't too keen on the whole "starving" artist thing. “That... Read more

WCU’s First ADN Valedictorian: Damian Castillo

Ten years ago, Damian Castillo was the valedictorian of West Coast University's first associate degree in nursing cohort. Since then, he's also become a husband,... Read more

WCU Graduate Spotlight: Lauren Diaz

Occupational therapy assistant professor Lauren Diaz always tells her students to “make school your life.” “Practice on your family, your roommates... Read more

WCU Graduate Spotlight: Nune Stepanyan

After graduating from West Coast University-Los Angeles with her nursing degree, Nune Stepanyan searched far and wide for the best place to become a family nurse... Read more

WCU Graduate Spotlight: Regina Gentry

Regina Gentry went back to school for a lot of reasons, but she returned to West Coast University for only one. "West Coast is a great school, that's why I came... Read more

WCU Graduate Spotlight: Tracy Skinner

While in nursing school at West Coast University, Tracy Skinner's friends told her there would be a day when she would know exactly what her calling was. They were... Read more

WCU Graduate Spotlight: Fernando Ramos

Thanks to West Coast University, Fernando Ramos is ready to take the next step. Ramos, the class speaker at WCU-Ontario's bachelor of science (BSN) in nursing pinning... Read more

WCU Graduate Spotlight: Monica Arreola

Monica Arreola was sure that when she became a nurse, she would work at Children's Hospital Orange County. She had already worked there for nine years prior to being... Read more

WCU Graduate Spotlight: Melanie Turnbough

When Melanie Turnbough decided to be a nurse, she told her mother the bad news first. Her mom, a labor and delivery RN for 25 years, was confused. "'Why's it bad?'"... Read more

WCU Graduate Spotlight: Sanchita Sharma

For a lifelong dancer, Sanchita Sharma doesn't tiptoe around why she got into healthcare. "A very clichéd answer is that I wanted to help people," she said,... Read more

WCU Graduate Spotlight: John Torres, BSN

John Torres has always known he wanted to work in healtcare — "nursing especially," he added. "There are plenty of opportunities for critical thinking, making... Read more

WCU Graduate Spotlight: Gisele Gauthier, MHA

Gisele Gauthier says she's inspired by people who "dedicate themselves to their customers or patients by showing empathy, professionalism and efficiency." Since... Read more

WCU Graduate Spotlight: Ashley Curtis

I probably won't do her story justice but I will try to give you a snapshot. She is a senior student set to graduate in January. She had a health issue early on... Read more

WCU Graduate Spotlight: Emily Navales

Three years out of high school, Emily Navales is ready to start her life. Just days after her bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) pinning ceremony, Navales was... Read more

WCU-Dallas Graduates Share Advice To BSN Students

There's nothing like getting a little encouragement from somebody who's been there. That's why we recently asked bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) graduates at... Read more

WCU Graduate Spotlight: Krikor Sarafian, OTR/L

West Coast University graduate Krikor Sarafian jokes that he was on campus so much studying for his master of science in occupational therapy (MSOT), they invited... Read more


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