WCU Alumni Spotlight: Siuneh Khodaverdi

Posted on 06/19/2019

West Coast University-Orange County Alumni Siuneh Khodaverdi said she was thrilled to take the virtual route when she returned to WCU to add a master of health administration degree to her growing list of credentials.

“The best part about taking online classes is that it’s flexible,” Khodaverdi said. “Especially for a lot of us who work full time, it’s difficult to be on campus at a set time. When you take them online you work on your own schedule.”

In addition to the flexibility, Khodaverdi was pleased to have the full support of the WCU-Online faculty. It made a difference in her experience in earning her degree without being on campus.

“My online instructors were amazing,” she stated. “They were always in contact with me through email. Everyone would always respond on time, so that was nice.”

Khodaverdi received her MHA and walked in WCU’s 2019 Commencement ceremony in May as a proud alumna.

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