WCU Online Graduate: Karie Herber, BSN

Posted on 05/29/2017

Karie Herber was working the night shift as an registered nurse when she decided to return to earn her RN to BSN degree from West Coast University online.

She started out taking her classes during the day and going to work at night, but eventually decided to focus on her studies fulltime. Herber said the online education program was a fulfilling experience.

“It prepared me to realize that as a lifelong learner, we have to continue going on…so that we can teach the younger generation what it means to go on,” she said.

After receiving her BSN, Herber plans to earn a masters, and eventually a nurse practitioner degree. In the meantime, she has joined WCU as a clinical instructor at WCU-Ontario, which she says is a dream job.

“West Coast definitely transformed me into a better nurse, so I’m excited to share that with everybody else,” she said.

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