WCU Alumni Spotlight: Christopher Mata

Posted on 07/16/2019

For recent West Coast University alumni Christopher Mata, nursing means being able to change someone’s life.

“Not just through medication and the treatments we give them,” he said, “but by making an impact in helping shape someone’s health outcomes and trying to be as impactful in not just their situation, but to the family as well.”

Mata originally started his journey by pursuing a bachelors in public health. It wasn’t long before he decided to transfer to the world of nursing by pursuing his bachelor’s of science in nursing with WCU-Los Angeles.

It was a complete 180-degree turn for him, Mata said, as he moved into a career in health that was more hands-on. Despite the change, during his mental health rotation, he knew he had made the right decision. He knew he wanted to become a nurse.

“Talking to patients and interacting with them,” he stated, “I finally realized this is something I’m really passionate about. I really enjoy helping people in this capacity of having more of a hands-on approach when it comes to helping people.”

After successfully finishing his academic journey with WCU, Mata offered some wise advice to future nursing students: Sleep as much as you can and study hard. Don’t forget about yourself and, most importantly, help as many people as you can.

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