Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

2014 - White Coat Ceremony

Contributing to the care and healing of others is a privilege that carries serious responsibility. White Coat ceremonies celebrate an important milestone in the lives of first-year pharmacy students, who begin a new chapter in their journey of lifelong learning.

The White Coat placed on each future healthcare professional is more than a familiar lab coat — it represents a formal mark of commitment towards competence, communication, care, curiosity, integrity, and community. The School has established a formal White Coat Ceremony that marks each student’s entry into the profession. This ceremony also serves as an additional effort to promote professionalism amongst the incoming class.

During this ceremony, each student will be cloaked with his/her first white coat, a symbol of clinical service and care. Students, in unison, will also recite the Student Pharmacist Pledge of Professionalism. A brief reception will follow to celebrate the students’ new professional status.