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Thank you for your continued partnership with West Coast University!

We would be unable to achieve our program learning outcomes, maintain our licensure and accreditation standards, and continue to demonstrate a quality BSN program with strong placement rates and NCLEX performance...without our partnership with you!

In the spirit of that partnership, we are excited to invite you to participate in a professional development course – at no charge.

This program was specifically designed to develop expert clinicians, like you, for the role of clinical nurse educators, preceptors or healthcare system educators.

Course topics include

Classes begin every 10 weeks.

Program Benefits

For more information, contact Cheryl Rojas, Director, Clinical Relations at 949-783-4341 or at cRojas@westcoastuniversity.edu

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Frequently Asked Questions:Click question to view answer

Q: I am a Campus Nursing Administrative Leader from Dallas or Miami. What are the selection criteria I use for participant inclusion?

A: The selection criteria is held to the same requirements set forth by the CA Board of Nursing, and the Assistant Instructor, Didactic Faculty with Added Clinical Supervision, and/or Clinical Educators-Remediation positions at West Coast University. See the priority for space. All campuses will source and screen participants based on these criteria.

Q: I am a Campus Nursing Administrative Leader and I need to know how I enroll faculty in CNED 500.

A: Send the faculty/participant indicating formal names (used by HR) list to the course facilitator, Sue Ullrich, at sullrich@westcoastuniversity.edu at least one week PRIOR to the start of the course.

Q: I am an Associate Director of Nursing Clinical Education. What are my responsibilities in facilitating and monitoring newly hired clinical educators participating in CNED 500?

A: Review the roles and responsibilities for Associate Director of Nursing Clinical Education. Clarify any questions with the Campus Nursing Administrative Leader of your campus. Participate in Course Effectiveness data gathering and reporting.

Q: Are newly hired clinical educators compensated completing CNED 500?

A: Adjunct (non-exempt) faculty are to report the actual amount of time spent in course activities on their time card, and will be paid their hourly rate, subject to state and federal overtime regulations and timekeeping policies as set forth in the Associate Handbook.  Per University policy, overtime requires manager approval in advance.  Full-time (exempt) faculty will not receive additional compensation for participation (communication per Robin Utely, October 26, 2018).

Q: How often is CNED 500 offered?

A: Two cohorts of 25 participants may be offered every term. Cohorts will incorporate participants from all WCU campuses.

Q: Are mentors designated to facilitate newly hired clinical educators’ role development?

A: Informal mentors may emerge as the newly hired clinical educator expands his/her network. Colleagues may wish to volunteer as a mentor. Benefits are clearly outlined in this article.

Mentors are not “assigned” in this course. Support will be provided by the Campus Nursing Administrative Leader, Associate Directors of Nursing Clinical Education and Lead Faculty.

Q: As a Campus Nursing Administrative Leader, what can I do to ensure a smooth transition for newly hired clinical educators?

A: Introduce yourself and encourage open communication. Pair new clinical educators with lead faculty for the course they are teaching prior to the first day of the term. Assign newly hired clinical educators to units which are DIFFERENT from their work unit and shift to minimize role confusion/ambiguity. Show interest in their progression. Touch base with them once a week; a quick “thinking of you” email or text or schedule a time to talk via phone or in your office. Make a point to have coffee with each new hire once during the term.

Clinical Partner Frequently Asked Questions:Click question to view answer

Q: I am an Administrator/Chief Nurse/Educator at one of your clinical partner facilities and need to know how to enroll my RNs into the Professional Development course?

A: Fill out the information form on this landing page that includes the participant full name, email address, phone number and start date then hit "submit." The participant will be notified of enrollment.

Q: I am an Administrator/Chief Nurse/Educator at one of your clinical partner facilities. What are my responsibilities in facilitating and monitoring the RNs who are participating in the Professional Development course?

A: Evaluate their development as a clinical nurse educator and or preceptor. Evaluate their increase in educator/preceptor confidence.


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