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Test Anxiety and Test Taking

WCU Student Resources

Be prepared

  • Study approximately 10-15 minutes each day. This will build your confidence with the course material and begin your long term memory for your course material.
  • Stay connected to the class and connects with your instructor when necessary.
  • Read instructor feedback and make adjust as needed to improve your class work.

Maintain good health

  • Exercise is important for your overall health. A walk with a friend or family member can help with stress management; can remove toxins from our bodies, improve health with hormonal balance, etc.
  • Drink enough fluids every day. Fluids help our bodies flush- out toxins, rebalances our brain at night, etc
  • Relaxation allows us to draw clearer decision especially during stressful events like test-taking.

Managing stress

  • Sleep allows us to be prepared for the next day. Know how many hours a night you need for a good night rest and work to maintain those hours each evening.
  • Nutrition is essential to meet long term goals. There is little need to revamp your whole diet. It is important to find a balance between what you enjoy eating verses what you need to eat.
  • Deep breathing before a stressful event can help lower anxiety. Meditation can bring clarity and support to your positive self-talk mantras.

Review Confidence

  • Positive language is strengthening. Be positive and support yourself and those around you. It feels good to be positive. Remove the “don’t” and “no’s” from your communication as much as possible. Review the Self-Talk doc.
  • Arrive early. Open up your computer and sign-on early. Begin “thinking” even if you still have an extra 20-30 minutes before the exam. This will help your mind prepare for the long-term memories to come into use.
  • Good study habits. Having consistent and reliable study habits builds your self- confidence. You know you have prepared for the test. Now, let the worry roll off your back and breath.