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Study Tips

WCU Student Resources

  • Make sure your computer is up to speed with the required operating systems. The ability to login with ease will help you feel comfortable as an online student.
  • Create a schedule for yourself that includes: class schedule with assignment dates, daily work goals, home expectations, appointments (doctor, dentist, etc),
  • Stay organized
  • Connect with faculty early and often. This helps you connect to the class and any questions you may have regarding the expectations of the assignments to understand the syllabus.
  • Maintain a consistent workspace. Your mind reacts to your daily cues. When you sit on your bed; your mind will want to relax. When you get in the car; your mind will be more alert. When you designate a place to study; your brain will respond in kind to reading and researching.
  • Make flashcard. Flashcards will take a bit of time to create but it increases your ability to take them to many places. When you increase the number of times you review your work, you increase your long-term memory skills.
  • Study 10-15 minutes per day /everyday. A little bit of review each day goes a long way. The studying that is accomplished each day will be easily retrieved when it is time to recall your class material for an exam.
  • Take a small break every hour (5-10 mins.) to adjust your body and give your mind a rest. Staying relaxed and comfortable is just as important as all of these other tips here. Take care of yourself: stay hydrated, eat a snack, stretch, walk around and then circle back to complete you class tasks.